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Become Church is a multicultural ministry reaching the unchurched through inward transformation in Christ that they Become all that God has uniquely called them to be.

 - Together Engaging Anointed Marriages



Building Successful Authentic Relationships

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about "Better Together"!

Our purpose is to champion relationships to the next level. While we coach marriages, we believe in preparing individuals well before their wedding date to learn how to be "Better Together"! Together -Engaging in Anointed, Authentic, Agreeable, Affirming, and Able - Marriages (or relationships) TEAMs. 

Living single OR married can be lonely.  Many people may know you, but often you are really known by few.  So join us in a journey to explore how to successfully connect authentically with loved ones whether friends, family, significant others, and/or spouses at a deeper level! 

How can I receive further coaching?

If you are a man or a woman interested in being coached at any level, please connect by leaving us your direct contact information. We’d love to connect with you.   From breakfast seminars over the Word, to conferences and retreats, or local luncheons and networking opportunities- there will be many opportunities to connect.  Let us know your contact info (name, email, telephone number etc),  and we will add you to our contact list for future events. 












How to Connect with US for an Individual Coaching Session:

Coaching Sessions are scheduled by way of several means. (See below.)


Contacting us direct (770) 904-9010 to schedule a coaching session.

  • Completing an interest form online here.

  • Connect via messaging us through this site.

Sunday Impact Class


Marriage/Relationships Seminar

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Marriage/Relationships Retreat

  TEAMs! Enhancing Marriages and Everyday Relationships!
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